Meet The Team

Tony Klacz -  Co-Founder/Head Songwriter/ House Band Member

In addition to co-founding the Groovy Motherfunkers (along with Pedro Canaan), Tony Klacz takes on a series of other roles at the label including Songwriting, Artist Relations, and Business Strategy. He also sings and plays rhythm guitar in the Groovy Motherfunkers' house band. 

Tony began playing music at 14 with his high school band, and by 16 he had begun ghost-writing for local Chicago artists. At 17, Tony was asked to co-write a musical, Where the River Ends, with his good friend: Brandon Jaxon. Over a summer, the pair wrote more than 32 songs; Tony writing all of the lyrics, Brandon scoring the orchestrations, and splitting the writing of the music, between the two of them. The musical is currently being produced at Berkley College of Music, and the official cast recording is scheduled to be released around October 2020. Tony also has an extensive background in film, being on the official film crew for Gary Con 2019 and Gen Con 2019, in addition to winning the prestigious San Filippo Silent Film Festival for Outstanding Cinematography, for a movie that he wrote, directed, and starred in.

Today Tony attends Columbia College Chicago (along with many of the other Groovy Motherfunkers) where he majors in Music Business. He continues ghost-writing/assisted-writing for all of the artists at the Groovy Motherfunkers and works with clients all across the U.S.


Insta: tony_klacz

Pedro Canaan -  Co-Founder/Executive Producer/House Band Member

Pedro is a co-founder of the Groovy Motherfunkers (along with Tony Klacz). Besides playing bass and providing backing vocals for the house band, Pedro is the Executive Producer of all of the Groovy Mothefunkers' projects. Pedro is also the Musical Director, the head of Studio-Design, and in charge of Gear Management.

Pedro grew up in Sāo Paulo, Brazil, and began to take an interest in music at a very early age. At age 12, Pedro helped found the metal band: The Death Season, which has since been signed to one of the biggest labels in Brazil, playing shows all over Sāo Paulo. In addition to playing bass and keys in the group, Pedro also plays a key role in the band's production and management process. After earning a scholarship to ETAPA, one of the best high schools in Sāo Paulo, Pedro founded the revolutionary program: CRIA. The program aimed to help teach other students interested in the arts, involving over 400 students within the first year. After high school, Pedro was invited by Douglas Neves to co-produce an album at Estúdio Fusāo, which lead to his band's record deal.

Today Pedro studies at Columbia College Chicago where he double majors in Music and Audio Production and Design. In addition to his work with the Groovy Motherfunkers, Pedro recorded and engineered a large portion of the Death Season's new, full-length album, scheduled to come out in May of 2020.

Insta: pedro.canaan     Website:

Jackson Arbogast - Associate Producer/House Band Member

From slamming down some sick riffs to stirring up some sweet beats, Jackson Arbogast is one groovy Groovy Motherfunker! Jackson is an Associate Producer with the Groovy Motherfunkers, assisting Pedro in the studio, as well as writing arrangements and starting projects. Jackson also plays lead guitar and drum pads in the house band.

Jackson has been playing the guitar since he was 5 years old, developing perfect pitch; over time he has expanded his craft into many lanes. Since 2012, Jackson's played the guitar for several, rock and jazz ensembles in his hometown area of Des Moines, Iowa. He has also contributed to performances on other instruments such as bass, trombone, and keys. Jackson's played all over Des Moines including the Iowa State Fair (2 times), 80/35 Music Festival (3 times) and Noce Jazz Club (4 times).  He has also been one half (and co-founder) of the experimental music duo He-Hats since 2017, contributing everything from instrumental performances to background vocals to composition, and much more.

Jackson is currently attending Columbia College Chicago and is working towards a BMus in Composition and Production.

Insta: jackson_h_arbogast

Andrea Contreras - Head of Booking and Event Planning

Apart from her flourishing career as a Groovy Motherfunkers' solo artist, Andrea Contreras aka Drea C is also the Head of Booking and Event Planning and is also a song-writer for the Groovy Motherfunkers. Hailing from Tinsletown, Drea grew up around music and performance and was involved from an early age. Apart from being a remarkable singer, Drea is also a seasoned writer/composer and has an extensive background in dance, primarily tap and ballet. Drea currently studies at Columbia College Chicago where she majors in Music.

Insta: dreaaa.c

Jojo Rout - Head of Design and Imagery/Head of  Branding/Head of Wardrobe 

When it comes to how you see the Groovy Motherfunkers, Jojo Rout is our man. Jojo prides himself on making sure everything is well designed and cohesive in theme and style. Alongside Trinidad Reyes, Jojo also creates the designs for TGM's album covers and posters. His passion for art, fashion, and music make him the perfect fit for Head of Design and Imagery, Head of Branding, and Head of Wardrobe. Hailing from LA, Jojo has the ability to meticulously break down everything from the big picture to each little detail.  From Venue decorations and lighting concepts to styling the band members’ hair, clothes, and makeup before a show to creating visual themes for marketing or releases, Jojo does it all. As a fashion student, he learns something new every day that he can bring to the visual vibe of the team in order to elevate our overall conceptual look.

Insta: @jojoxrout or follow his art page @jzrv.001

Luke Fletcher - Head of Photography/Resident DJ

Luke Fletcher's dedicated to snapping every groovy moment into pictures. From concerts to the studio, Luke's our man with the camera.

Creating the best images out of any situation he's put in, Luke has had an interest in photography since he was little. He recounts constantly asking for a camera for Christmas or his birthday. Luke has always been fascinated with the notion of capturing a moment, and so photography seemed like the natural path for him. Luke has recently taken up DJing and can often be seen starting off The Groovy shows. 

Luke currently studies photography and DJing at Columbia College Chicago.

Insta: luke._fletch

Zeno Camera - Performance Manager/House Band Member

Zeno Camera (AKA Xeno) is the lead singer of the Groovy Motherfunkers house band (along with Tony Klacz). Zeno is also the Performance Manager, and manages and assists with several other aspects within the label. Zeno was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil but believes he is from whatever place he is in the moment. 
Zeno's been composing and singing since he was 10, but really began to take an interest in the performing arts, during his Sophomore year of High School, after directing and starring in a school production of Sister Act 2. Since then, Zeno has been performing in plays and web series all over Chicago and Rio.
Today Zeno studies Acting at Columbia College Chicago. Zeno strides to bring the beautiful weirdness out of people, through his art. 

Insta: zenocamera

Trinidad Reyes -  Band Manager/Head of Film Operations/Design Assistant

Trinidad Reyes has multiple responsibilities that range from talent scouting, business strategy, bookings, event planning, show strategy/management, and a ton more. We can best describe his roll best, as Band-manager, but he consistently proves to be so much more. Trinidad is also the Co-Head of Film Operations, looking over music videos, social media content, recording live performances, etc.

As an LA native, Trinidad is used to an industry competitive as it is demanding. In high school Trinidad helped manage the largest High School television channel in LA, doing work as both a director and editor. Trinidad's steadfast perseverance combined with his extraordinarily fast creative thinking has always allowed him to stand out in a crowd. 

Today Trinidad attends Columbia College Chicago, where he majors in Film, and works on a wide variety of D3 productions.

Insta: trinidad.reyes3

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