The Groovy Motherfunkers are a band, label, and writing/producing group based out of Chicago.  In addition to releasing music themselves, The Groovy Motherfunkers write and produce for an array of artists, throughout North America.  The core members consist of Tony Klacz (the writer), Pedro Lopes (the producer), Zeno Camera (the performer), and Jackson Arbogast (player/producer).  The Band is co-managed by Trinidad Reyes, who's also the director of film production for the group.

They are very much for hire, anywhere from writing and/or producing your next hit song or EP, to playing at your house party, bar, or club.  If you're interested, feel free to contact us at thegroovymotherfunkers@gmail.com or 1-708-837-4060.

Stay connected by following the band and its members on Instagram:

The Groovy Motherfunkers: @thegroovymotherfunkers

Tony Klacz: @tony_klacz

Pedro Canaan Lopes: @pedro.canaan

Jackson Arbogast: @jackson_h_arbogast

Zeno Camera: @zenocamera

Trinidad Reyes: @trinidad.reyes3

Holland Sersen: @hollandsersen

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