As cut-throat as it is influential, the Chicago music scene is famous for being a hub of culture-shaking, innovation and creativity. Kanye West, The Smashing Pumpkins, Common, Jennifer Hudson, there seems to be no ceiling on the amount of stars the Windy City produces. And it appears yet again, that Chicago has a new name to offer the mainstream, music scene: the Groovy Motherfunkers. In the span of 8 months (only 4 without Corona), the Groovy Motherfunkers have taken the city by storm, quickly forming a reputation for their label (writing, producing, and recording), as well as their legendary live-shows, that have become the talk of nearly every college campus in the city. From building a vocal booth in their dorm room to throwing a show in an art warehouse to their rapid production speed, the Groovy Motherfunkers seem to be groovin’ their way on up to the top.

Pedro Canaan, a 20 year-old wunderkind of audio engineering, had been in the industry for 12 years, working as a musician, producer, and engineer in both the U.S. and his home country, Brazil. Despite working at some of the biggest studios in Brazil and co-founding the successful heavy-metal band: The Death Season, Canaan yearned for more. He desired a plethora of artists, projects, and genres to match his extreme creativity and unparalleled production speed; he was sick of waiting for some big studio to swoop down and give him the opportunity, he was determined to create the chance for himself. Fate seemed to be on board, when he was randomly assigned Tony Klacz, as his roommate, for Canaan’s junior year at Columbia College in Chicago. Klacz, 18, had been writing songs since he was little and began ghostwriting for other artists when he was 16, completing over 700 songs, playing around Chicago as a rhythm guitarist and singer, writing and producing for a handful of diverse artists, and even co-writing a musical when he was 17 (scheduled to premier at Berklee College of Music’s Mainstage in the Spring of 2021). Like Canaan, Klacz separated himself from his peers by writing at an obsessive pace without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Within in a few hours of moving in, Klacz began working on a song when Canaan asked to hear it. Canaan fell in love with the progression and melodies but tore-apart the drum track, insisting on producing the beat himself. That song would become Moping from their debut EP: 2u4me, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Within the first month 1 thing became abundantly clear: they were creating too much and too fast for an individual group or artist; that’s when their label, the Groovy Motherfunkers, was born. Unlike the ancient, powerhouse labels, that control the mainstream music scene, Canaan and Klacz strived to create an environment bereft of the all-mighty, hands-off Label Exec, and replace the role with transparent, hands-on partners. By using novel tools, tricks, and techniques they created the Groovy System, which allowed them to record, write, and produce for their

artists, at a fraction of the price and at twice the speed, of the competition. All while making their DIY, dorm-room studio, sound indistinguishable from the multimillion dollar recording studios of their competitors. Looking around the local Chicago music scene, the duo saw potential and desired to create a platform that would help project the unique voices and styles of the artists around them.

The pair didn’t have to look far to start putting their team together. They quickly found Jackson Arbogast, their house-guitarist/associate producer, and Holland Sersen, their house- keyboardist/sound designer, right down the hall. They also found Jojo Rout, their brand-designer, Andrea Contreras, their booking agent/event manager (and an eventual artist), Luke Fletcher, their resident photographer/DJ, and a whole cornucopia of others, all within their building. One night, while the group was hanging around Klacz and Canaan’s dorm room, jamming, there was a knock at the door and blonde stranger entered with a smile. It was Zeno Camera, a Brazilian- born, acting major at Columbia College. After admitting to frequently passing the room in order to listen to the music, Camera asked to sit in on the session; always looking for another jam- buddy, the group happily obliged. After listening to a few songs, Camera asked to play a Seo Jorge tune that his father, a jazz doctored, had taught him. It didn’t take more than a couple notes before the entire room became entranced by Camera’s beautiful, soothing voice and powerful charisma. Canaan and Klacz, immediately recognized Camera’s potential and asked him to come onboard as their first artist. Camera eagerly accepted and before the end of the week, he and Klacz were writing what would become Xeno, Zeno’s debut effort and the label’s first, full-length album.

Word of the group quickly spread around Chicago’s college scene, and by the first, Groovy Motherfunkers’ show, a release party for their debut EP: 2u4me, 150 people packed into a small, studio apartment, to hear them play. The group had 3 shows after (each packing 175-225 people), released an album, an EP, and 4 singles, and gathered an all-star team of artists, all within the first 3 months. Unfortunately, Covoid-19 put a halt on their Chicago shows and forced their Brazilian Tour (scheduled for the summer of 2020) on hold, in addition to postponing many of the releases they had planned for the Spring and Summer of 2020. However, never ones to waste a moment, Canaan and Klacz have continued to spread the word, despite corona, with an abundance of creative content and marketing campaigns, as well as continuing to write and produce, stockpiling their projects for a tsunami of releases in 2021. Whether it’s through their inhuman speed, rare creativity, cutting edge innovation, or absolute tenacity to succeed, the music industry will soon come to know one thing: it’s a groove dawn, it’s a groove age.

They are very much for hire, anywhere from writing and/or producing your next hit song or EP, to playing at your house party, bar, or club.  If you're interested, feel free to contact us at thegroovymotherfunkers@gmail.com or 1-708-837-4060.

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